Nuestros clientes nos agradecen nuestros caballos:

Kefir []11-09-2009

Teresa, please forgive me for not having been intouch up to now… I just found your card in a pile of stuff and well…here I am! I just wanted to let you know that Kefir has totally changed my life and I do thank you for all your help with bringing him to me. He is a total gentleman, truly noble and makes me look thin and like a really good rider, which can never be bad! I think Lena is so pleased as well, no, I know she is! Hoping all is well with you and that business is goode… no joke!

xxoo   Laurie Tuchma


Quijote is such an amzing horse. He’s so easy to work and he has so much potential. His mind is amazing. I ride him in a halter and he’s perfect.We ride past mares, all around the property and he’s perfect. I’ve worked with a lot of horses and he is by far one of the most incredible horses i have worked with. He ‘s very eager to please and loves to work. It’s really cute because sometimes i just get on him bareback in his paddock off of the gate and he always comes over and lines himslef up perfectly so i can get on and just waits there until I’m ready. He’s also very gentle and kind and he behaves himself perfectly. Just the fact that he’s a four year old stallion and that he lets me ride him in a halter past mares says a lot about him. Thank you so much for helping me find. You’re amazing breeders.

Sincerely, Alex


Niebla is such a good mother and has even ‘adopted’ the other foal as his own mother is not so affectionate with him. Auntie Niebla even grooms him and she walks around the field with two little boys in tow! Sheila says it is funny how things happen as she remembers seeing Niebla at your stud and wanting to buy her some years ago. She couldn’t afford her at the time but now she is living on her yard after all. She is quite a ‘reserved’ mare and not always easy to catch but she is very gentle and a brilliant mother.

Regards, Rebecca


In case you don’t remember me I am Quemado’s new Mum!I bought him early in January (as I am sure Lillian would have informed you) and he is a real delight. He is stabled in a gorgeous private stable next to my Arab horse Muttamayaz and he is just having such a great time, the advantage of where we are is that he has his own little paddock at the back of his stable for 12 hours a day and also has 1 hour in a large paddock every day. I think this is part of the reason that he is so relaxed and a joy to be around.

Amanda Brewer